Area Manager Job Description

Area Manager Job Description

We are a growing company focusing on skincare products with natural base and ingredients. Our business is growing and expanding, and we are continuously opening new stores to accommodate the growing demands. That’s why we are seeking for a dedicated Area Manager that will organize, manage, monitor, and oversee the new stores. The individual will be responsible for managing the store’s successful outcome by supervising the managers, planning and setting targets, and making sure that they are working as performed.

An experienced and effective manager should have a solid skill in managing different activities of operation remotely. The individual should possess a strategic skill and mindset and they are perfect leaders. The person should also have excellent capacity in financial management and budgeting, planning operations, and making sure that everything runs as planned. Basically, the purpose is to make sure that the store’s objective will be met, if possible, exceeding the business expectations. It should also cover efficiency and development.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, set, and manage objectives and operational standards for different departments and stores
  • Plan, formulate, and come up with different business development and growth strategies to make sure of long term outcome and success
  • Manage and oversee the store’s financial management to make sure that the store operates within the budgets and it is making a satisfying profit
  • Manage, optimize, monitor, and oversee the operations to maintain efficiency
  • Lead the store managers’ team to create an effective collaboration while maintaining goals at the same time
  • Make assessment and evaluation performance by using different kinds of effective tools, including key metrics. It includes coming up with solution to address the issues in order to improve the operation
  • Make sure that the store is running and operating along with the company’s guidelines and operational policies
  • Report issues and progress to senior executives

Basic and Standard Requirements

  • Have good leadership skills and organizational abilities
  • Have a strong knowledge, if possible, and experience, of performance principles and evaluation metrics
  • Have positive attitude that can encourage others
  • Have solid and good problem solving skills and abilities
  • Able to work under pressure and stressful environment
  • Have past experience as a Store Manager, Area Manager, Assistant Manager, or other related fields within managerial role
  • Have a good understanding of success standards and also store operation optimization
  • Bachelor degree in Retail Management, Business Administration, or related fields
  • Have good interpersonal skills and communication abilities – with flexible and adaptable flair
  • Have a good and well-proven business acumen with an efficient and strategic orientation
  • Have a solid understanding and an in-depth knowledge of ERP software. Other related programs or software will be an advantage

Candidates who believe in their skills and they meet the requirements are encouraged to apply. Please send the cover letter and a CV to: before January 17th 2018. An application consisting of a CV and a resume will be acceptable. Be advised to write ‘Area Manager position’ on the subject to make the screening process easier. Otherwise, your email will be ignored and discarded.

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