Accounts Manager Job Description

Accounts Manager Job Description

Our growing company is expecting a dedicated and experienced Account Manager to join the board. As a professional member, the manager has to be responsible for maintaining and managing the account sales including the existing and new client (along with the relations), and also bring in the new business. Because the Account Manager will be the lead point for customer and client management, the individual should be able to work in a team within the company’s regulation to anticipate clients’ needs and wishes. Not only they have to assist the client to succeed, but they also need to make sure that clients’ deadlines are well met.

A professional Account Manager has the biggest responsibility to manage good relationships between the clients and company. Not only they are responsible for building and creating long-term (and good) relationships with clients, but they should be there with the clients within the length of relationships. The idea is to make sure that the client accounts to be within the company as long as possible. Among many of the responsibilities, the manager may be assigned tasks or prospects, find new business, given accounts, or the combination of them all. The given task may include strategic planning, product design, project management, sales support, logistics, service application, and also marketing.

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Generate sales with each account from the client
  • Build, strive, maintain, and create good and solid customer relationships
  • Establish and also monitor internal and external budgets – internal with the company and external with clients
  • Negotiate and manage deals with clients. It includes establishing performance timeline
  • Make sure that the company has good relationships with the already existing clients while looking for opportunities to get new (and also potential) clients
  • Plan reports (including presenting them) on account goals, progress, and also initiatives so the outcome can be shared with stakeholders and team members. Such a report can be useful for future use – generally used in company training or case studies
  • Work together with the sales team to increase and maximize profits by doing cross selling or up-selling
  • Meet the clients’ needs and requirements within the proposed timelines
  • Work together and collaborate with other departments’ managers, sales teams, team members, and marketing that are dedicated to similar clients account to make sure that the quality of service and materials are met

Job Requirements

  • Have previous experience in management, sales, account manager, or related field
  • Bachelor degree in business administration, marketing, or sales – or other relevant field
  • Have a strong and good negotiation skills and also a reliable follow through ability on the clients contract
  • Have a flexible and good communication skills with people person persona and qualification
  • Have a standard computer skills, but an in-depth experience or familiarity with Excel, Microsoft Office Suite, or CRM software is a huge advantage
  • Able to perform multitask performance

Interested applicants can send their resume and CV to: before April 1st 2016. Be advised to write ‘Account Manager position’ in the subject. Otherwise, the email will be discarded and automatically sent to spam folder.

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